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Early History

Calewarts & Duffy was founded in 1895 by Philip Sheridan. He established Sheridan Law Offices after graduating from the University of Wisconsin Law School and began practicing law in the Sheridan Building located at 226 North Washington Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Sheridan was very active in civic and political affairs throughout his long legal career. In the late 19th century, the part of Green Bay lying on the West side of the Fox River was actually a separate community known as Fort Howard. It was Mr. Sheridan who introduced the resolution at a meeting near the turn of the century that resulted in the consolidation of Fort Howard and old Green Bay into the new city of Green Bay. When Mr. Sheridan passed away in 1950, he was the oldest member of the Brown County Bar Association.

In 1919, upon his return from World War I, Ray Evrard joined the firm that would eventually be known as Sheridan & Evrard. When he graduated from Law School in 1915 at the age of 21, he was the youngest lawyer in Wisconsin. Continuing the tradition of public service that characterized Calewarts & Duffy for over a century, Mr. Evrard was elected District Attorney in 1929.


Mr. Evrard was actively involved in the early years of the Green Bay Packers Organization, even serving as the President of the team during the 1920s. At one time during the 1930s, Mr. Evrard represented every labor union in Brown County.


The tradition of public service has been carried on at Calewarts & Duffy. Mr. Calewarts has served on the Federal Selection Commission that is charged with nominating Federal Judges and U.S. Attorneys within the state of Wisconsin. Mr. Duffy has served as District Attorney of Kewaunee County and has represented many Villages and Townships located in Brown County.

In addition to their foregoing activities, Attorneys Calewarts & Duffy continue to serve on many other Boards and Committees concerned with civic, legal, political and charitable endeavors.

Calewarts & Duffy represent clients in a wide variety of practice areas including:

♦ Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

♦ Automobile & Related Accidents

♦ Real Estate Matters

♦ Business Litigation

♦ Corporations & Business Law

♦ Estate Planning

♦ Wills & Trusts

♦ Healthcare & Financial Powers of Attorney

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